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This application form is for new students only. If you have any questions about your application please contact Seafood Training Services.

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Your name has been put forward for our training programme in seafood processing. This will both recognise and build on your existing skills, and give you a better understanding of the seafood industry’s requirements.

After completing this form we will arrange for a “meet and greet” session with one of our course tutors, where you will be able to ask any questions and have the enrolment process explained to you. If there is any part of the registration form you cannot fill out your tutor can help with this, as well as any learning assistance you may need.

As well as the information you provide in this application, you will be required to provide evidence of your New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency. If you are able to scan or take a clearly legible photo of suitable ID please do that now, so you can upload it in step 4. If you don’t have suitable ID your tutor will get in touch with you to arrange it.

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It is a Ministry of Education requirement that you MUST provide a verified copy of your birth certificate or other evidence of permanent residence to verify your status as a domestic student. This can be one of:

  • Birth certificate – with a place of birth stated as New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue, or
  • Statement of Whakapapa – including date of birth countersigned by a Kaumatua, or
  • Current New Zealand or Australian passport.

If you have had a name change through marriage, and do not have a current passport, then you will need to provide both a marriage certificate and birth certificate.

For foreign residents you will need:

  • Certificate of citizenship – or letter of confirmation, or
  • Overseas passport with residency stamp (with indefinite expiry date) – both pages.

If you can provide a clearly legible scanned or photographed image of suitable ID now, please upload it below.

Upload ID document
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Acceptable file types: jpg, png or pdf


For students with dual citizenship, specify the country of citizenship of the passport used to enter New Zealand


With which of the below ethnic groups do you identify? (you may tick up to three boxes)
NZ European/Pakeha
Cook Island Maori
Other Asian
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Other European
Other Pacific Peoples
Latin American
Other Southeast Asian
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First Language
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Statistical Information

What is the highest level of achievement you hold from secondary school?
What was your MAIN activity or occupation at 1 October last year?
Will this be the first year you have ever enrolled in a College of Education, Polytechnic/Institute of Technology, Private Training Establishment, University or Wānanga either in New Zealand or overseas since leaving school? Do not include enrolments in community or hobby classes.
Please indicate the region you were living in before enrolling on this programme
Where did you hear about Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology?
Did your current Employer recommend you for this programme?
Learning Advisor
Accessibility Support Advisor
Student Support Team
Cultural Support

Compliance with the Privacy Act 1993

NMIT Declaration

In signing this enrolment form you undertake to pay all fees as they become due, and to meet any late fees and collection charges associated with debt recovery. NMIT’s policy on withdrawal and refund of fees may be obtained from Enrolments.

In signing this enrolment form you undertake to comply with the published rules and policies of NMIT with regard to attendance, academic integrity and progress, conduct and use of information systems.

NMIT – Declaration
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We want to ensure your enrolment is processed quickly. Failure to answer any of these questions will result in your application/enrolment being delayed. Have you:
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Completed any additional
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Workplace Training Agreement – NMIT responsibilities

Workplace Training Agreement – Company responsibilities

Workplace Training Agreement – Student responsibilities

Responsibilities of the student are to:

  1. Undertake the work-based education/training in accordance with procedures as if he/she were an employee.
  2. Make known to the company any health problems that may impact on his/her performance in the workplace.
  3. Comply with all the employer’s and NMIT’s health and safety policies.
  4. Take care of his/her own safety and the premises and equipment in the workplace.
  5. Promptly advise the company and/or the Programme Leader or delegated Workplace co-ordinator of any significant issues which need to be resolved during the work-based education/training.
  6. Respect the company’s confidence and not disclose, use or discuss any confidential information.
  7. Undertake an assessment of his/her performance on completion of the placement.
  8. Demonstrate a commitment to meet the learning outcomes and specified tasks requested by the company.
Workplace Training Agreement – Declaration
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Individual Learning Plan

Which location will you be doing your training in (choose the nearest)?
What qualification do you want to achieve?
Are there any other subjects, courses or learning achievements that NMIT may be able to assist you with? (Check all that apply)
What would you like to achieve from this course? (Check all that apply)
Individual Learning Plan – Declaration