Seafood Training Services Course Survey

Seafood Training Services

Course Survey

Please fill out the following survey, once completed, click on the submit button

1. Thinking about how your course is delivered, how would you rate the following:

1.1 Was the course presented in an interesting way?
1.2 Relevant to your learning goals?
1.3 Provided what you expected it to cover?
1.4 Well structured and organised?
1.5 The right mix of independent learning and group work?
1.6 Learning tasks and activities that kept you engaged and challenged
1.7 The mix of learning modes (eg in-class, workplace and self directed) suited your learning needs and situation?
1.8 The tutor was aware of, and supported, your learning needs?
1.9 The balance of types of assessment (written and observation) right for you
Constructive comments only please

2. Thinking about your learning resources, tutor guidance and guidance materials

2.1 Were the requirements for assessment clearly outlined?
2.2 Was the study timetable clearly outlined?
2.3 Were they up to date, with a range and format suiting your learning needs and situation?
2.4 Was tutor support provided during the course?
Constructive comments only please

3. What is going well? Please comment below.