Seafood Training Services

About Seafood Training Services

STS started back in 2001 to fill the shortage of training in the seafood industry. Over the years we have developed material, tailor made to many different skills within the industry. STS is NZQA accredited and approved. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap of employees and managers to foster a positive and productive work environment.

The Seafood Training Services advantage

Seafood Training Services is an innovative training organisation that has been providing training to the seafood industry since 2001

At STS, we develop our own training resources with pictures and examples that depict real life situations, and are constantly looking at ways to improve our methods to assist students with their learning in ways that are relevant to the seafood industry.

In 2014 we re-developed our training systems to include intercom headsets for communication between tutors and students, at the same time allowing students to be trained and assessed, whilst in a normal working environment. Tablets were also introduced to allow for digital assessment, creating efficiencies within our company by direct linking in real time with our tutors.

This innovation allows STS to support both tutors and students during our courses and share information as required.

Give your workers the tools to succeed

Your staff are your most valuable asset and ensuring they are trained with the skills and knowledge required is essential for meeting and exceeding your business goals. Staff working in the seafood industry are often working at a high pace and only have time to think about what is in front of them. Our training offers the trainees a chance to reflect and consider positive changes in their life and at work, this often creates a better performance and team morale.

Training your staff will lead to increased engagement, reduced staff turnover and avoiding the expense of on-going recruitment. It is essential to future proof your work force to lessen the impact of industry skill shortages in your sector. The competitive advantages to training your staff will lead to increased productivity, improved product quality, increased profitability, and business growth. It is important to include training in your business planning. Training delivered by a proven specialist industry provider will ensure your business has the potential to get the maximum from your staff.

Why train with Seafood Training Services?

  • Dedicated to providing quality programs to the Seafood Industry since 2001
  • A technological leader in training concepts
  • We understand the needs of our students & cater for individual learning
  • Understanding of industry demands & compliance requirements
  • We create our own resources that are learner friendly & industry specific
  • Respectful of student learning needs and different learning styles
  • Additional assistance & technical support for individual learning & learning difficulties
  • Training database created & maintained for company records
  • Control training costs
  • Gives employee fulfilment which can help in the greater community
  • Online video calls and resources available online for when flexibility is required
  • Be prepared on how to deal with viral outbreaks
  • Make your company more agile
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Creates a consistent training platform