The Seafood Training Services Advantage

Seafood Training Services is an innovative training organisation that has been providing training to the seafood industry since 2001.

With the use of intercom headsets and tablets, tutors are able to connect with students in their own environment, creating a more relaxed and successful space for learning. Tablets allow for verbal assessment, catering for a variety of learning needs.

At Seafood Training Services, we develop our own training resources with pictures and examples that depict real life situations, and are constantly looking at ways to improve our methods, to assist students with their learning and relevant to the seafood industry.

… with strands in Fish and Fish Products, Cleaning and Sanitation, Live Holdings, and Seafood Logistics. Each of the four strands can be enrolled in by students one at a time.

New Zealand Certificate in Seafood Processing (Level 3, 50 credits)

New Zealand Certificate in Seafood Processing (Level 4, 70 credits)

A student should have already achieved the Level 3 certificate (preferably the QC skillset) as a prerequisite to enrolling in the Level 4 certificate, which has a higher level of difficulty.

Testimonials from our students

Have a listen to what our students have to say about us in these videos.

Our Students

Our holistic approach to training benefits our trainees and the communities they are in. These programmes have been developed to assist and improve the skills, employability, communication and understanding of learners. Students deemed capable will graduate the course with a New Zealand certificate in seafood processing and handling.

How we conduct training

Training is carried out onsite with intercom headsets for communication between tutors and students. This innovation increases employee understanding and allows trainees to be trained and evaluated whilst in a normal working environment. The headphones have a large range so students can carry on with their work whilst still being able to hear the tutor. Oral assessments are carried out with the headsets and tablets for the tutor to record the answers given. With online capability we are now more flexible than ever.

Students can watch all the presentations and videos at the touch of a button. We can also catch up with our students over Zoom if a student is away from work and wishes to catch up.

Stop the spread of viral contamination

The outbreak of Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of safe hygienic practices. Seafood Training Services has been teaching hygienic work practices, the importance of food safety, and actions to take if one suspects they have a notifiable disease for many years.

This learning is of the upmost importance to any food processing plant in preventing the spread of any outbreak that may enter our regions.

The practices the staff learn will help maintain a good reputation and ensure a high quality and safe product.